Jong-Sook Park

Jong-Sook Park
Research Officer

College of Engineering
Swansea University
Singleton Park
Tel.: 01792 295273

Interests and specialisms in river science:

  • Hydrology, particularly hydrological modelling at large catchment scale
  • Climate change (its impact on human activities or vice versa)
  • Application of weather radar data into hydrological model, such as NIMROD and ECMWF data
  • Uncertainties on hydrological modelling
  • EU Water Framework Directive
  • Wetland hydrology
  • Urbanisation in river morphology

Academic Qualifications:

- PhD in 'Whole System Modelling of the Impact of Land Use Management in the Parrett Catchment' (University of Bristol, 2007)
- Masters Degree in Physical Geography and GIS (Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, 1995)
- BSc in Geography (Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea, 1992)


Worked in consultancy for over 6 years as GIS consultant and IT engineering, and Involved in a number of GIS related project in Facility Management (Potable/Grey/Sewage Water Facility). Taught on 'GIS', 'Application of GIS' and 'Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation' as industrial lecturer in two universities over two years.

Presentations and publications:

Park, J.S., 2011, Application of Weather Radar into Physically Distributed Models, at invited scientific seminar by National Institute of Meteorological Research at the Korean Meteorological Administration on 8th January 2011.

Park, J.S. and Cluckie, I.D., 2011, The Effectiveness of Global Rainfall Measurements for Extreme Floods due to Climate Changes using WRF and a physically distributed model, at the 2nd International Winter School and Workshop on Climate/Environment Change held in Seoul, Korea, on 4th to 7th January, 2011.

Cluckie, I.D., Zhu, D. and Park, J.S., 2010, ‘Ground based Dual-Polarisation Radar in the context of Hydrological Modelling’, in proceeding of the Remote Sensing and Hydrology Symposium 2010, USA.

Park, J.S, Ren, Q., Cluckie, I. and Chen, Y., 2010, ‘Application of point and distributed rainfall to physics-based fully distributed physical models for an intensive agricultural catchment’ in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2010, (eds) Jianhua Tao, Qiuwen Chen, Shie-Yui Liong, Vol.2, pp 1679 – 1686, Chemical Industry Press, ISBN 978-7-122-09314-1.

Zhu, D., Park, J.S. and Cluckie, I., 2010, ‘Analysis of radar rainfall using a physically distributed hydrological model for the Medway Catchment, UK’, in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2010, (eds) Jianhua Tao, Qiuwen Chen, Shie-Yui Liong, Vol.2, pp 1687 – 1694, Chemical Industry Press, ISBN 978-7-122-09314-1.

Park, J.S., D., Graham, Butts, M. and Cluckie, I.D., 2010, Sensitivity of catchment management strategies for the River Parrett using a phsycially distributed model,. In: BHS 2010: Role of Hydrology in Managing Consequences of a Changing Global Environment, Proc. BHS Third International Symposium, Newcastle, 19th-23rd July 2010.

Park, J.S., Ren, Q., Chen, Y., Cluckie, I., Butts, M. and Graham, D., 2009, Effectiveness of complex physics and DTM based distributed models for flood risk management of the River Tone, UK, IAHS Red Book publ. 331.

Cluckie, I.D., Park, J.S. et al., 2003, An integrated approach to river basin management based on EU Water Framework Directive using GIS and Remote Sensing in Brebbia, C.A (Eds.), 2003, River Basin Management II, WIT Press, pp 449 -457.

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