Mike Steel

Dr Mike Steel
Senior Advisor

Environment Agency
Mapping & Modelling
Flood and Coastal Risk Management
Tel: 07825 053065
Email: ku.vog.ycnega-tnemnorivne|leets.ekim#ku.vog.ycnega-tnemnorivne|leets.ekim

Mike leads on understanding and communicating risk, within flood and coastal risk management at the Environment Agency. He is in the national Mapping & Modelling team, and works on things such as implementing Floods Directive / Flood Risk Regulations / Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment, the National Flood Risk Assessment and National Receptor Dataset. He is currently interested in improving how we understand risk consistently across different sources of flooding, and different risk management authorities, and how best to communicate that risk to a range of audiences. He is also interested in improving how we can quantify uncertainty to better communicate levels of confidence in flood and coastal risk management.

Mike's background is in Geography - at Nottingham University, including an undergraduate dissertation on the Brahmaputra-Ganges confluence in Bangladesh. He then went on to do a PhD at Dundee University with Andrew Black and Alan Werritty, using historic rainfall to study climatic variability and flood risk estimation in Scotland. He has since worked for consultants (Posford Haskoning) and then began work with the Environment Agency in their north London area - involved in the Thames Catchment Flood Management Plan, Olympic park flood risk assessment, and working on the climate change and non-structural response components of the Thames Estuary 2100 project.

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