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The ecohydraulics theme is closely linked to River Restoration research within the River Science group. Work to date has focused on improving the scientific basis for inventory, characterisation and assessment of hydraulic habitat within rivers, incorporating both field sampling and hydrodynamic modelling on rivers in the English midlands; and the reconciliation of ecological and geomorphological approaches to aquatic habitat characterisation. A current project on a restored reach of the River Cole, Birmingham, explores the development of coherent patches of hydraulic habitat in a new river channel.

Recent publications:

Clifford, N. J., Soar, P. J., Harmar, O. P., Gurnell, A. M., Petts, G. E. and Emery, J. C. (2005) Assessment of hydrodynamic simulation results for eco-hydrological and eco-hydraulic applications: a spatial semivariance approach. Hydrological Processes 19: 3631-3648.

Harvey, G. L., and Clifford, N. J. (2008) Microscale hydrodynamics and coherent flow structures in rivers: implications for the characterisation of physical habitat. River Research and Applications. DOI: 10.1002/rra.1109

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