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The Flood Risk Management research theme incorporates the EPSRC Flood Risk Management Research Consortium (Phases I and II), which focuses on fluvial geomorphology and sediments, the impacts of land use management on morphology and flood risk, and management of debris build-up at structures in the UK. Current research in FRMRC Phase II includes an erosion and sediment yield measurement programme at Pontbren to improve understanding of land use management impacts on upland sediment dynamics under a wider range of hydrological conditions.

The University of Nottingham is the lead UK institution for a China-UK Scientific Co-operation Project exploring potential future changes flood risk in the Taihu Basin in East China, in relation to future climate and socio-economic change. This study uses qualitative and quantitative analyses of future flood risk in order to consider how the risks of flooding in the Taihu Basin might change over the next 50 years, and to identify the best options for Government and other stakeholders for responding to the future challenges.

Recent publications:

Harvey, G. L. and Wallerstein, N. P. (In press) Exploring the Interactions between Flood Defence Maintenance Works and River Habitats: the Use of River Habitat Survey data. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.

Thorne, C.R., Evans, E. P. and Penning-Rowsell, E. (2007). Future Flooding and Coastal Erosion Risks. London: Thomas Telford.

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