Sally-Beth Kelday

Sally-Beth Kelday
Fluvial Geomorphologist

McCormick Rankin Corporation
72 Victoria Street South
N2G 4Y9
Tel: (519) 741 1464
Email: ac.crm|yadleKS#ac.crm|yadleKS

Interests and specialisms in river science:

- River and Wetland Restoration Design
- Fluvial Audits and Reconnaissance Surveys
- Geomorphological Assessments for Environmental Impact Assessments
- Policy and Guidance
- Bank Protection
- Options Appraisal
- River Habitat Surveys

Publications and Presentations

Kelday, S.B., Brookes, A. and Morris P. (2009) Water, In: Morris, P and Therivel, R. (eds) Methods of Environmental Impact Assessment, 3rd edition, Blackwell Science, Oxford.

Skinner, K. and Kelday, S.B. (2006). Sinderland Brook River and Floodplain Restoration: Post-construction Geomorphological Monitoring. River Restoration Centre News Issue 23.

Kelday, S.B., Wishart, D. and Brookes, A. (2010) Linking Environmental Impact Assessment and the Water Framework Directive: The Potential for River Restoration. River Restoration Centre 11th National Annual Network Conference.

Kelday, S.B., Copas, R. and Baker, L. (2009) Determining Guiding Principles for Bank Erosion Solutions: Real Examples and Issues. Environment Agency National Environmental Assessment Service Conference.

Brookes, A., and Kelday, S.B. (2008) River Channel Management and Climate Change: Some Potential Impacts and Mitigation Strategies. River Restoration Centre 9th National Annual Network Conference.

Skinner, K., Kelday, S., England, J. and Carter, M. (2007) River Restoration, Monitoring, and the Water Framework Directive (WFD) – A Case Study of the River Mimram. Royal Geographical Society, Annual International Conference 2007.

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