Tory Milner

Dr Tory Milner
Lecturer in Physical Geography

Institute of Science and the Environment
University of Worcester
Henwick Grove
Webpage: Currently under development

My research interest is in river science, focussing on the interactions between fluvial geomorphology via physical habitat and its influence on aquatic organisms. I am particularly interested in developing assessment tools, especially geomorphic river typologies, and methodological approaches to link fluvial geomorphology and aquatic ecology. My current research assesses the performance of morphologically based typing of Scottish rivers using a geomorphological and ecological approach.


Milner, V.S., Willby, N.J. and Gilvear D. J. (in review) Assessing physical habitat in streams; do gemorphologists and invertebrates see eye to eye? Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.

Milner, V.S., Gilvear, D. J. and Willby, N.J. (in review) An assessment of variants in the professional judgement of geomorphologically-based channel types. River Research and Applications.

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