Advances in River Science 2011

Advances in River Science 2011 is an international workshop sponsored by the UK Flood Risk Management Research Consortium that is directed towards advancing integrated river and flood risk management, focusing on the role of sediment and habitat in increasingly complex, dynamic and natural-human hybrid river environments. The workshop aims to demonstrate best practice from around the world in key themed areas, and to provide a forum for early-career researchers and practitioners to discuss ideas and approaches with established international leaders in their respective fields. The final day of the workshop is devoted to the identification of emerging research agendas, and further collaborative funding opportunities. The workshop will be held between 18-21 April 2011 at Swansea University and an outstanding group of keynote speakers, discussants and stakeholder/practitioner representatives have now been confirmed.

Scientific themes and keynote speakers:


1) Virtual catchments and data
Keynote speakers: David Maidment (University of Texas, USA) & Robert Gurney (University of Reading)
Discussant and session chair: Heye Bogena (Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany)

2) River and catchment appraisal, typology and reconnaissance
Keynote speakers: Dov Corenblit (L'Université Paris Diderot, France) & David Gilvear (University of Stirling)
Discussant and session chair: John Nestler (University of Iowa, USA)

3) Altered morphodynamics
Keynote speakers: Paul Bates (University of Bristol) & Nigel Wright (University of Leeds)
Discussant and session chair: Hervé Piégay (CNRS, France)

4) Challenges to integrated management
Keynote speakers: Gary Brierley (University of Auckland, New Zealand), Angela Gurnell (Queen Mary, University of London) & Colin Thorne (University of Nottingham)
Discussant and session chair: Ainun Nishat (BRAC University, Bangladesh)

Stakeholder/practitioner representatives: Jenny Mant (River Restoration Centre), Sean Longfield (Environment Agency), John Rees (NERC/LWEC), Roy Richardson (SEPA), Paul Sayers (Sayers and Partners LLP), Mervyn Bramley (Independent) & Kevin Skinner (Atkins)

Workshop organising team: Nick Clifford (King's College London), Alex Henshaw (Queen Mary University of London), Gemma Harvey (Queen Mary University of London), Chris Parker (UWE Bristol) & Colin Thorne (University of Nottingham)


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