Workshop proceedings and research text

Contributions are invited to a book based on the Advances in River Science 2011 workshop to be published by CRC Press. This is intended to be a position statement/agenda setter and integrated text as much as a standard proceedings volume, with a view to revisiting the themes every few years with an update.

The volume will be structured, in the first instance, around the workshop themes:

- Virtual catchments and data
- River and catchment appraisal, typology and reconnaissance
- Altered morphodynamics
- Challenges to integrated management

with each theme comprising a major sub-section with its own edited introduction/commentary.

Contributions may take one of the following three forms BUT we are not seeking to be too restrictive, and shall have to allow flexibility to fit with the format of the book and total page count etc.

- Main contributions: 7500 words and 5 figures
- Short contributions: 2500 words 3 figures
- Annotated diagrams/comment pieces: 1000 words

Final copy must be in camera-ready format no later than 1 August 2011. Further guidance to authors will follow after contributions have been accepted in outline.

If you would like to offer a contribution, please send an indication of the title, abstract and contribution type (main/short/annotation) to Nick Clifford (||droffilc.salohcin) by 1 June 2011. We will then get back to you as soon as we can, and not later than 15 June. All contributions will be refereed after pre-selection by the volume editors. The offer extends to ALL participants.

We realise that time is pressing, and that there are multiple demands on your valuable research material. We thus welcome material which is integrative/review/overview in nature, as much as original research data!

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